Hand Amputated After Torture In Police Custody, Alleges 22-Year-Old

A 22-year-old youth in Bengaluru has lost his right arm in a case of alleged police brutality.

The youth, who was allegedly detained illegally for three days in the Varthur police station in connection with a theft case, had to undergo a surgery at a private hospital in Bengaluru for amputation of his right arm.

The arm was infected after he was allegedly beaten severely in police custody, he said.

Salman, a resident of Varthur in east Bengaluru, worked at a chicken shop before he lost his job in the Covid crisis.

He was allegedly picked up by the police in connection with the investigation of the theft of car batteries in October-end.

According to Salman, he was picked up from near his residence in Varthur around 10.30 pm on October 27 by policemen in plain clothes, who, he said, came in a private vehicle with a Kerala state registration number.

“I was taken to the Varthur police station where I was assaulted mercilessly by three men. I confessed to stealing three car batteries. They took me to the people to whom I had sold the batteries. I was again brought to the police station and asked to confess to other thefts which I had not committed,” the 22-year-old said.

Salman claimed that police intensified the torture after his refusal to confess to other crimes.

“I was tied upside down and beaten badly. Three cops assaulted me for three days. They targeted one body part at a time. They beat my right hand and also kicked in the legs one after the other. My pleadings went unheard,” Salman said.

Salman said he was released from police custody on October 31. “I came back home and took painkillers assuming it was pain. But as days passed, my hand started to lose strength and the injury worsened. My family took me to a hospital in Sarjapura where doctors said the arm had to be amputated,” he said.

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