Protesters Park Trucks Around Gurgaon Namaz Site

Members of right-wing groups who have been attempting to disrupt namaz in Gurgaon over the past weeks resorted to a new tactic Friday, parking trucks in the periphery of an area earmarked for prayers in Sector 37.

Ten persons were taken away in buses and detained by police for allegedly attempting to disrupt prayers, which were eventually offered amid sloganeering even as police created a cordon by pushing back the protesters. One person was later arrested.

In the crowd were men who were arrested earlier too for similar protests in Sector 12.

Parking trucks is the latest in a series of methods employed by protesters to stop namaz in the open — the men have in the past conducted a havan ceremony in Sector 37 “to commemorate 26/11 martyrs on the 13th anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks”, showed up to play cricket at a namaz site, conducted a puja at one, and left dung cakes behind afterwards.

\On Friday, around 70 protesters who gathered claimed to be from nearby villages of Khandsa, Narsinghpur, Mohammadpur Jharsa, and Begumpur Khatola.

They said parking their trucks and playing cricket at the site had nothing to do with the namaz row.

As police asked them to disperse in view of a law and order issue and for not following Covid norms, many refused to budge.

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